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Ribbonwood NZ

We manage forest harvesting.

Leave mediocre in the dust.

Ribbonwood NZ buys logs

Manage forest harvesting for results that truly matter.


If it matters to you, it’s everything to us.

To recover every cent of the value from your trees you need a plan, expert harvesting, efficient cartage, established marketing relationships and effective total project management.

A lot of our clients wish to stay actively involved during the harvesting of their forest and see it through to completion to watch their investment return materialise. We deliver expert services to harvest your forest and at the same time allow you to retain a sense of control.

You only get one chance to cut down a tree. You need to make the most of it!

We enjoy working alongside astute and passionate owners with a straight, open book, Managed-Sale basis and for those that don’t wish to sell, we encourage it. The decisions made at harvesting can make or break your forest investment.

To get the best out of your harvesting project:

  • Know exactly what you are selling
  • Cut logs for best value recovery
  • Market each grade for best possible price
  • Receive payment for everything the forest produces, including pulp and binwood
  • Cover off your functions as a Principal and clarify your Primary Duty of care
  • Minimise financial and statutory risks

Regarded as the leading provider of services in valuation, harvest planning, engineering, earthworks, harvesting, cartage, log marketing, clean-up and establishment, Ribbonwood NZ is often the harvesting company behind other managers and organisations offering a similar service so we invite you to deal with us direct and improve your returns.

Ribbonwood Forest Harvesting - Leave mediocre in the dust.

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